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Nous a quittés le 20 Dec. 2023 à 14 an(s)Lieu de vie : Saint-Michel-Chief-Chief


In loving memory of Kali, affectionately known as Moew-Moew or Chicken, survived by her heartbroken daddies Morgan and Dean and her furry brother Graphio. Kali brought boundless love and joy, turning everyday moments into cherished memories. With playful antics and quiet purrs, she filled our lives with warmth and comfort. Kali's paw prints will forever linger in our hearts. May her spirit find eternal peace, surrounded by the love she so freely gave.

Sa balade préférée

Kali liked nothing more than digging in the garden and getting onto the roofs to watch the birds, the sun rises and the sun sets.

Sa bêtise préférée

Kali was a cuddle monster. She loved nothing more than "going flops" with her daddies and playing hide and seek to try to scare them.

Son caractère

Kali despite her years never grew beyond the size of a large kitten and never lost that cuteness - stealing everyone's hearts.

Son jouet préféré

Her laser, her toy mouse and anything she could hunt and gift to her daddies.

Son loisir préféré

Doing a ninja to sneak out and go sit on the roof to watch the birds and the world go by.

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Ils lui rendent Hommage

  • Chicken the cat

    I didn’t meet you but every animals, but Dean often talked about you. About the life you had, the cuddly traveler hairy family member.
    No words can explain how it feels…
    You did everything you can to make her life easy till the end.
    Je suis vraiment triste pour vous, pour cette perte.
    Courage and a big hug to you.


    Cécile Vle 24 Dec. 2023
  • Bienvenue

    Animorial s'associe à votre peine et souhaite par ce message rendre hommage à votre compagnon.

    Animorialle 21 Dec. 2023
Kali ("Chicken")