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Nous a quittés le 02 Mars 2022 à 9 an(s)Lieu de vie : Tusson


My darling little boy I miss you so much. Your little face always showed mischief, love affection and fun even when you used to dash into the woods and I would be frantic to find you. I have never been given so much unadulterated trust and love. Wait for me and we will be together again.

Sa balade préférée

We loved to go into the woods where you could smell everything and perhaps chase some poor animal.

Sa bêtise préférée

Trying to catch mice, you were never much good at it

Son caractère

Everybody's friend, always wanting a stroke from anybody who will oblige. Everybody loved you

Son jouet préféré

Balls that lit up and squeaked

Son loisir préféré

Riding in the car you loved to go with me wherever I went

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