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Nous a quittés le 02 Mars 2022 à 9 an(s)Lieu de vie : Tusson


My darling little boy it has been 8 months since you left us and we still feel your loss. I hope that we can all be together one day. Not a day goes by without your name being mentioned and a tear comes to our eyes. Keep safe my dear little boy.

Sa balade préférée

Anywhere as long as it was with us

Sa bêtise préférée

Still trying to catch mice, you never had to feed yourself so you were no good whatsoever at it.

Son caractère

Lovable and friendly, funny and warm. A real character.Always ready for a stroke or a cuddle

Son jouet préféré

Anything that flashed and squeaked although they never lasted that long.

Son loisir préféré

Going in the car with his mum and dad preferably to go for a walk,

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    Animorial s'associe à votre peine et souhaite par ce message rendre hommage à votre compagnon.

    Animorialle 05 Nov. 2022